BLAMtastic Co-Founders Lily and Renee Sandler kick off TEDxYouthDay with Keynote Address

We thoroughly enjoy following the success of past guests on Buckingham Business Review. Recently 15 year-old Lily Sandler and Renee Sandler were honored to give the keynote address at the kickoff of TEDxYouthDay activities at a local Atlanta venue with the theme. “Be the Change”.

More details about the event:

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Segment One: Ron Reardon, Founder of Patents & More

Founded in 2003, Patents & More, Inc. facilitates new product development, from conception to protection to reception in the market place by evaluating and crystallizing new product concepts, providing strong protection to those concepts and educating, empowering and guiding clients in bringing those new products to market.

Patents & More works exclusively with business owners, entrepreneurs, product developers, innovators and individual inventors.

We connect you with the resources that you need to maximize the value of your innovation.

The Founder of Patents & More, Inc. is Ron Reardon.

Ron is a prolific inventor and is listed as an inventor on the following patents: 6,907,387; 7,328,163; 7,346,539; 8,131,650; and 8,166,098. These patents provide mass-market solutions using a combination of Global Positioning Systems (GPS), wireless technology, and Internet access and storage.

Ron’s background includes 32 years with a Fortune 100 Telecommunications Company with a variety of assignments, including responsibility for a $2B+ product line, as well as innovations strategy.

Ron has an Executive MBA from Georgia State University and a BS in Physics and Mathematics from Christian Brothers University. Ron is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and has a Masters Certificate in Project Management from Georgetown University. He is also an Able Toastmaster (ATM), having won speech contests in both the serious and humorous categories. He is current/past President of local, national and international civic organizations.

Patents & More, Inc.
3356 Station Court
Lawrenceville, GA 30044-5674
Phone: 770-241-4907 Fax: 1-866-894-3953

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Segment 5: Renee Sandler, Co-Founder and President of BLAMtastic (R)

In this fifth and final segment Renee Sandler returns to discuss both the commercial success of BLAMtastic, plus progress towards the non-commercial goals for which the company was founded four years ago. This company is providing a great case study from which all entrepreneurs can benefit: the events and motivations which led to their founding, plus incidents that are validating the intended parallel learning experiences for the tween (now teen) co-founders.

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Segment 4: Co-Founders Melanie and Lily Sandler of BLAMtastic(R) Share their Experiences of the Past Four Years

Now ages 14 and 13, respectively, Lily and Melanie Sandler, Co-Founders and Co-CEOs of rapidly growing company, BLAMtastic(R) discuss how they balance school, activities and personal life with the demands of their business, now entering its fifth year.

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Segment 3: BLAMtastic(R) Co-Founders Renee and Melanie Sandler

In our third segment 13 year-old Melanie Sandler joins Renee to discuss her involvement in this rapidly growing business.

Melanie has a natural gift for creating amazing flavors. Kids go crazy for them. She has been doing so since the company began when Melanie was just 9 years old. Since launching the business in 2008, Melanie has balanced designing for BLAMtastic®, playing guitar and bass in her band, staying active in sports, and maintaining good grades in school.



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Segment 2: BBR Interview with BLAMtastic(R) Co-Founders Lily and Renee Sandler

When Lily was just 10 years old, she was having trouble finding her lip balm. She said, “Mom, where’s my lip blam?” Lip BLAM? Brilliant. Lily’s mom said that would make a great name for a lip balm company. BLAMtastic® was born. Lily has a strong work ethic shared by few and she loves working to grow her company.

In this segment Lily joins Renee (Mom) to discuss her involvement in this rapidly growing consumer products company.

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Segment One: Renee Sandler Discusses the Founding of Rapidly Growing CPG Company BLAMtastic(R)

As the mother of two bright girls, it saddened Renee to read in 2007 that only 12 of the Fortune 500 CEO’s were women when more than 50% of the American workforce was comprised by women. Not everyone is destined to run a corporation. However, Renee wanted her daughters, Lily and Melanie, ages 9 and 10 at the time, to know that anything was within their reach. She suggested they start a business of their choosing. They not only started a business, but they set a standard by which businesses should be measured. They created BLAMtastic®. With great awareness of the ingredients they use, the economy they support, and the community in which they live and work, these young ladies have taken an idea and turned it into a popular international brand.

BLAMtastic® products are now found in over 3000 locations and in three foreign countries.

Prior to spearheading Blamtastic®, Renee Sandler had a 15 year career working in New York City for the The Interpublic Group of Companies and The Rockefeller Center Management Corporation in their legal departments.

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