Buckingham Associates, LLC

Buckingham Associates, LLC was founded in 1999 by Bernie Wolford.

Mr. Wolford’s consulting career began in 1973 when he joined Kurt Salmon Associates, Management Consultants. Following twenty years of consulting with KSA in 1993 he joined The Home Depot as Director of Labor/Productivity. Later in his career with The Home Depot Mr. Wolford served as Director of Strategic Business Development.

Buckingham Associates operates with a “virtual company” approach–creating customized project teams of highly qualified individuals to deliver an engagement. When the project is complete, the team disbands.

Recently, responding to clients’ needs to find alternative solutions for exhorbitantly expensive, low ROI marketing campaigns,  Buckingham Associates identified proven solution providers, who implement real-world, innovative approaches.  One example is a top-drawer, professional in-studio internet radio provider. Another example is a newly-formed relationship with a video blog producer.  In partnership with these companies the newly-created Marketing Division of Buckingham Associates has become the most rapidly growing business unit of the practice, continuing Buckingham’s mission of identifying and providing cost-reducing solutions to our clients’ operations.

The company’s headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia, with West Coast presence in Los Angeles and San Diego. We conduct engagements throughout North America, South America and the European Union.

Our Advisory Services Consultants

Buckingham Associates maintains a network of highly qualified and proven professional consultants. Many of these relationships have existed for over twenty years. We do not create a patchwork quilt project team of persons available at the time who may or may not have the appropriate experience for the engagement at hand.

How does this work? Following a pre-proposal meeting with a senior partner of Buckingham Associates, a formal proposal is presented. Included within this proposal are the CVs of the project team. If we cannot respond with qualified individuals then we will decline. (We have no large fixed consulting staff who need to be billing fees each week regardless of their “fit” on the next engagement.)

One recent client told us we created an “All Star” team by using this approach. This comment tells us we hit the mark!

For more infomation visit our website:   www.bkhmassoc.com


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